A Bookkeeping Guide For Small Businesses

A successful online business is one which can have control over its financial activities. The prime factor which contributes to the success of an online business is bookkeeping.

A guide to bookkeeping guide for small business

It has been observed that bookkeeping is a neglected area by most of the businesses, but it should not be ignored as there are always ways to control your finances in order to achieve success through proper bookkeeping system.


How To Deal With A Data Protection Breach

Cyber security is a major issue for corporations around the world who hold personal data of customers and clients. Cyber attacks affect most industries with small and large organisations being affected from ecommerce, tech companies, airline companies, financial to healthcare organisations to name just a few.

Business Leadership

A Guide To Organic Leadership

For most businesses, leadership is the core of strategy execution, goal management and team development. There are many types of leadership. Some forms of leadership is counterproductive, other types of leadership results in exponential growth.

A strategy software company I-nexus put it eloquently that leaders must captain strategy delivery and this is rather true. To Succeed in strategic goals, leaders must be the drivers of the execution of their strategies.